“ IBM -SKILLBUILD”. Please find below benefits of the collaboration: –

  1. SkillsBuild is a digital learning platform like Coursera and Udemy, by IBM. This initiative is intended to build Technical & Workplace Skills.The platform gives students access to more than 7500 courses like AI, Project Management, Cybersecurity and CSE.
  2. ESSENTIAL SKILLS:-Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Business Fundamentals.
  3. PROFESSIONAL SKILLS:-Communication, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Digital Literacy, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Mindfulness, Problem Solving, Study Skills.
  4. JOB READINESS:-Develop LinkedIn Profile, Resume Writing, Interviewing etc.

Infosys – Springboard

Infosys Springboard has been identified as a flagship digital learning platform to empower people, communities, and society with skills to be successful in the 21st Century. Powered by Infosys Wingspan, our integrated digital learning and collaboration platform, Infosys Springboard includes content spanning across digital learning, emerging technologies, and life skills. This program is led by a dedicated team of experts collaborating globally with the Infosys Education Training and Assessment (ETA) team, curriculum partners, non-profits and a global network of leading educational institutions.Program to introduce young minds to new technologies and its application in business and day-to-day life.Learners can explore possibility of application of Technologies in real life Java, Python, C#, JavaScript and more..Learn to compete in global space, Learn spoken English and written English from the industry standard content.College students and faculty can learn application of horizon 2 technologies from subject matter experts and Architects.Digital Literacy” is the skills require to achieve digital competence and the Confident and critical use of ICT for work, leisure, learning and communication.