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Business Management

Department of Business Management

Since its inception in 2003, Department of Business Management of Bansal Institute of Science & Technology, Bhopal has been offering the most effective and extensive MBA education in Central India with a view to blend traditional values and business education. Over the last years, our institution had been working relentlessly to provide quality education. We are committed to “Strive continuously to foster creative learning environment through proactive, dynamic and participative processes towards enhancing quality of life. Our exceptional faculty, curriculum – pedagogy, distinguished guest lecturers, visiting faculty, internship placements and field exposures provide the optimal balance between theory and practice.

The institute is delivering superior quality education consistently and incessantly. It is this unique heritage spanning decades of excellence in higher education that sets us apart from other educational institutes. Bansal’s Management Department ethos is focused on identifying and nurturing the next generation of thought leaders through intuitive education.

Pedagogy used in MBA Department:

  • Case study method is used to supplement the lecture method in the classroom. The Institute has developed in house cases to facilitate this process.
  • Extensive range of audio-visual equipments is used during the teaching sessions.
  • Team work is emphasized. Students are given group projects and are encouraged to work together. Various student events are organized to help and developed leadership skills.
  • Computer based simulations are used to facilitate the development of skills.
  • The Institute has developed an English language lab to provide training to the students to overcome any inhibitions in the language and expose them to the corporate communication.
  • Seminars are organized to chisel the presentation skills of the students, besides exposing them to real life experiences.
  • To facilitate student-centered orientation, the pedagogy is supported by andragogy in an appropriate proportion.
  • The students are provided with World Wide Web access as gateway to global information.
  • Role-playing is another technique, which is used to involve participants fully and experience the dynamics of practical management situations.
  • Project work is undertaken by students who choose topics of their choice in consultation with faculty guides. They undertake literature surveys, prepare and pretest questionnaires and interview schedules, carry out fieldwork, prepare reports and make presentations before the faculty from time to time.
  • Films are used to teach various management concepts.
  • The Institute provides “Business Standard” to its students to enhance knowledge.

Meet Our Professors

Mehvish Khan

Mehvish Khan

Asst. Professor
Sandeep Shukla

Dr. Sandeep Shukla

prof mohan dubey bist mba

Mohan Dubey

Asst. Professor
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Yamini Patle

Assist. Professor
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Praveen Shukla

Asst. Professor
Divya Singh

Divya Singh

Asst. Professor
Pankaj Singh

Dr. Pankaj Singh

Asst. Professor & Trainer